Creative authenticity. Two words that can sum up my work in digital marketing/branding/and content creation. I believe that this concept is the key to developing exceptional brands that engage audiences and inspire people.


I’ve been working in various facets of marketing and content creation for 8 years and I am still completely excited to be creative every day. At the core of my experience is enhancing brand identity for non-profit and outdoor industry organizations. Most recently, I have had the amazing opportunity to work as the Brand and Marketing Manager of National Ski Patrol (NSP). Some of the most exciting opportunities I have had since being at NSP include the following:


• Researching and implementing a new email marketing system that boosted open and click through rates by over 10%.

• Creating a social media strategy that increased engagement by 300% from previous years.

• Designing a fleet of 18 branded Subarus and developing an ambassador marketing program to showcase the NSP/Subaru partnership.

• Working with a portfolio of over 70 outdoor and medical brands to market to NSP members around the world.

• Redesigning NSP E-commerce platforms to utilize a streamlined user interface and simplify the online shopping experience.

• Running brand oriented photo/video shoots to gather content for specific marketing campaigns.

• Building an event marketing strategy that increased the size of NSP’s biannual patroller celebration from 400 to 800 people.


When I’m not playing with new technology or working on personal projects, I’m usually enjoying the mountains. Snowboarding, camping, hiking, and rock climbing have been an incredible part of my outdoor experiences while living in Colorado and California before that. I believe that nature is an amazing source of inspiration and a relief from the digital world. Nature helps push my creativity and is a big part of why I love to create media.

Let create something amazing!