Since my very first Cannon camcorder I’ve been fascinated with creating media and broadcasting it to people. I’ve now been working in various facets of media production for over 6 years and recently completed my bachelors degree in communications with a minor in geography. Throughout my education and personal endeavors I’ve continually focused on social media, digital content creation, and organizational imaging.


Currently I am working on a project called Sustainable Denver. The basis for this online presence came from a class project to educate and inform Denver locals about sustainability issues in their community. Throughout this venture I’ve had the chance to work in a variety of media environments and have gained a wealth of knowledge and resources about media practices and practical digital solutions.


When I’m not playing with new technology or creating an amazing work of media excellence you can usually find me in the mountains or forest near by. I firmly believe that nature is an amazing source of inspiration and a relief from the digital world that we’re constantly surrounded by. Nature helps inspire my creativity and is a big part of why I love to create media, hence the look of my portfolio 😉

Let create something amazing!