Peak Pursuits:
Marketing and Mountain Adventures

With over a decade of experience in marketing, branding, and content creation, I remain impassioned by the blend of strategy and creativity every day. Throughout my professional journey, I’ve spearheaded the development and execution of multifaceted marketing campaigns that drive tangible results. From conceptualization to implementation, I thrive on the strategic challenges of identifying target audiences, crafting compelling messaging, and optimizing campaign performance. In addition to campaign development, I’ve played a pivotal role in refining brand identities and shaping cohesive brand narratives that resonate with consumers


Outside the office, you’ll find me chasing inspiration in the mountains. Whether I’m carving through fresh powder on a snowboard, setting up camp under starlit skies, exploring scenic trails on foot or bike, or tackling challenging rock faces, outdoor pursuits have deeply influenced my life. Spanning the diverse landscapes of Arkansas, Colorado, and California, nature serves as more than just an escape from the digital world; it’s an ultimate source of inspiration,